"If you ask the tribes and settlements about their legends, they'll talk about warriors and heroes responsible for incredible feats of prowess, ask us about our legends and you'll mostly just get the same old stuff about the ship and the contact, we can't call no man a legend of ours... but The Outcast" -Superior Rank An[[data just slightly corrupted]]
The Outcast is supposedly a person who existed years ago, he (or she?) was chose-recruited to be a Documenter and then apparently befriended Documenter Knight Samsons. And after years of service, dissapeared, maybe to the surface.

The amount of knowledge this person documented is enormous, if legend is to be believed. Roughly half or even more of what we know of the surface can be attributed to The Outcast according to the tales.

Despite this, data of the person itself is almost nonexistant, some say that's due to a tampering with Mother's controls which deleted most of the memories and records of the person.

It's said that The Outcast got it's name because he or she had left the republic behind to join the Disserters Nation in one of his/her journeys. When supposedly realizing what a mistake that was after many years, The Outcast tried to come back, bringing the much precious information about life outside as a plead to be accepted back, but when delivered to the Superior Ranks, they either betrayed and killed him/her or banished the person from the Republic forever. And then supposedly proceeded to erase most of the proof that The Outcast ever existed.

A big handmade book created by The Outcast and containing all the information brought back is said to exist somewhere in the Mother Ship.

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