"FOR THE GLORIOUS GLORY OF OUR LIFE-ACCOMODATING MOTHER" -Excerpt from the anthem of the Republic.
Our home, founded in [[data missing]] after the First Contact, the remnants of an ancient civilization that came to our hostile planet which we have to call home. We are the pure descendants of those who came in the Mother Ship, giver of commodities. Our work is to protect it's legacy and that of those who came before.

This is the biggest and most advanced settlement known to mankind in [[data missing]], buried in the safety only found underground, the Republic is a giant metropolis with all the commodities necessary for men to live their lifes to the fullest.

Ruled by the Superior Ranks, which consist of the most important members of the different classes composing our glorious republic, it has existed for centuries and will continue to thrive for many more. Unlike the blasphemous attrocity that are The Disserters.

[Notable Members]Edit

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