These are the military forces of the Republic of Mother Chamber. Their warriors and defenders. Both inside and outside.

One of their most honorable and prestigious ranks is the Knights, who train themselves to light the high tech blades left by those who came to this planet in the Mother Ship. These blades somehow get their energy from the user, which is extremely difficult to focus, but once this is mastered the blade becomes one of the most deadly weapons in both the Mother Ship and the surface. Due to it's difficulty though, not many people attempt to join the Knights and their numbers are always low. Due to them being quite respected in the community and have big amounts of pride, in the year [[data missing]] they had requested to have their own representative in the Superior Ranks, which wasn't accepted until the year [[data missing]] due to the events of the [[data lost]]. And ever since, a Knight selected by his or her comrades and named Sir accompanies the Superior Rank Enforcer every time he or she must attend to all and any of the Superior Ranks matters.

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