They are almost the highest rank in the Documenters class, only second to the Superior Rank Documenter. As with most higher ranks, the possition is not forced on the person, but rather offered.


They are the connection between the Superior Rank Documenter and the rest of the ranks in their class. They have power over all other ranks, having the final say on the matters of the Documenters (unless the Superior Rank has something to say about it). It's quite rare, but there have been occasions where High Documenters have gone on missions on the surface, but most prefer to stay inside the Republic.

Both Senior Documenters and Documenter Knights can be promoted to this rank, but it's uncommon to see Documenter Knights accept the offer.

They can also go outside, escorted by a number of high ranking members of the Mother Forces and Documenters and the approval of the Superior Ranks, of course.

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