"Congratulations! You are now a fucking documenter, you've been hand-picked to go outside and die with a pen in your hand and a hole in your head". -Documenter Knight Samsons.

"Documenters" are a class originating from the Republic of Mother Chamber. Their main goal is to explore the world outside the Mother Chambers and document it's biomes, creatures, weathers, anomalies, etc. And of course, to study the savages living in the wild.


Altough created [[data missing]] years ago, the documenters are the latest class to be formed in the Mother Chambers, born from the need to study the outside world after the First Contact. They are usually selected from regular citizens at the age of 17 by members of the Superior Ranks and then named Chosen Recruits to be sent to basic training, which is usually guided by Senior Documenters (or, in some special cases where it is personally requested by superior ranks or notorious citizens, by Documenter Knights) The training takes place in the upper training chambers, so as to be closer to the surface already, according to some archived quotes from various high ranking people.

This proccess usually takes from 6 to 8 months and as soon as it is completed the Chosen Recruits are promoted to fully-fledged Documenters, issued the Archiver's Happy Startkit and a Noahn Inteligent Companion to be then sent through the elevator to the surface with whatever mission was assigned to them.

In most cases, newly surfaced Documenters go up in groups of 4 to 7, but are all assigned solo missions. Since missions that require more Documenters are reserved for upper ranks.

After surviving their first mission, which is of course fake and irrelevant to the interests of the Republic, they are truly approved by the Superior Ranks on their return and can now be sent on actual missions. Although they aren't promoted, they just aren't seem as useless filth by respectable members of society anymore! (We promise)

Disclaimer: The Republic isn't responsible for any deaths during your first mission, or any mission, you knew what we were getting you into.


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