The strongest of the Documenters, sometimes even being some of the strongest in the whole Republic. These are documenters who have surpassed every expectation and shown high capabilities when in combat. While not the highest rank, they are considered to have as much power as Senior Documenters, altough the former gets more high risk missions on the surface while it's common for the latter to dedicate it's career to work inside the Republic.

They are often given command over squads to go on missions of extreme danger on the surface. They are known for being able to carry the more complex weapons of the Republic, and even of those used by the wildlings.

Even though they both share the title of knights, Documenter Knights aren't affiliated with the Knights from the Mother Forces, and they aren't as rare as the latter (although they are commonly scarse too). A certain friction between both ranks has of course existed for years. It's also very strange to hear of a documenter knight being able to operate the blades the Knights are famous for, but not unheard of.

They tend to go outside a lot more frequently than other ranks.

PS. so they know a lot, and almost always die young under mysterious circumstances, but we aren't supposed to write about that, riiiight? [NO, WE AREN'T -Scribe Seniors]

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